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SELECT turbo.posted, IF(turbo.posted, 100, 1) AS `sort`, sites.picture as 'picPack', sites.address,
sites.siteAltPic, sites.siteTitlePic, sites.address, sites.siteid, sites.area,, sites.title, sites.short_desc,,, sites.rooms,
sites.lon, sites.picture as 'picSite' , sites.siteType, sites.accessories, sites.home_line, sites.home_line_show
FROM `sites`
LEFT JOIN cities ON (`sites`.city=`cities`.id)
LEFT JOIN areas ON (`cities`.areasMain=`areas`.id)
LEFT JOIN superareas ON (`superareas`.id=`areas`.superareas)

LEFT JOIN turbo ON (`turbo`.siteID=`sites`.siteID AND `turbo`.posted=1)
LEFT JOIN `pirsumim` ON (sites.siteID = pirsumim.siteID AND pirsumim.PortalID = 2 AND pirsumim.pirsumType = 5)
WHERE ( 1=1 AND ( `sites`.`categories` LIKE '%{44}%') AND (MainPages.MainPageTitle LIKE '%ילה_בצפון_%' OR MainPages.idPack LIKE '%ילה_בצפון_%' OR sites.`TITLE` LIKE '%ילה_בצפון_%' OR areas.title LIKE '%ילה_בצפון_%' OR cities.title LIKE '%ילה_בצפון_%' OR superareas.title LIKE '%ילה_בצפון_%')) AND 1=1 AND sites.siteType=1 AND sites.`ifShow`=1
Group by sites.siteid ORDER BY `sort` DESC, RAND()
1: class.udb.php:234 udb::query()
2: aliasplugin.php:614 udb::key_row()
3: index.php:15 include()